Organic Fruit

APPLES - BRAMLEY (Farm) 650g
Organic Bramley Apples weighing 500 grams.The highly acidic Bramley apple is perfect for cooking. Wi..
Organic Rajka Apples weighing 500 grams.A deep red over golden yellow hued skin and a clean crisp fl..
APPLES - KATY (UK)  500g
Organic Topaz Apples weighing 500 grams.Topaz is a slightly sharp, crisp medium sized apple with a c..
Organic Evita Apples weighing 500 grams.Small crisp apples native to the UK.When in season we always..
Organic Braeburn Apples weighing 500 grams.Braeburn apples are generally fairly large and are usuall..
AVOCADO (Peru) 250g
Organic Avocado weighing 250 gramWe try and source these closer to home when we can but no matter wh..
AVOCADO (Peru) 500g
Organic Avocado weighing 500 gramsWe try and source these closer to home when we can but no matter w..
BANANAS (Dominican Republic) 500g
Organic bananas weighing 500 grams. Sadly we have not yet managed to grow our own bananas here i..
DATES (Tunisia) 200g
Organic fresh dates weighing 250 grams.Usually these come straight from Northern Africa, and are fre..
GRAPEFRUIT (France) 500g
Organic grapefruit weighing 500 grams.Reasons to eat grapefruit:Packed with Vitamin C to help keep b..
MANGO (Spain)
Organic Mango weighing 500 gramsWhilst the season lasts we get our mangoes from Europe but over wint..
ORANGES (Spain) 500g
Organic Oranges weighing 500 grams.Our oranges come from Europe, usually Southern Spain ripened by a..
PEARS (UK) 500g
Organic Pears weighing 500 gramsFor as long as the season will allow we buy only UK pears. Unfortuna..
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