Organic Groceries

CRAB APPLE JELLY (Bracken Hill) 340g
Crab Apple Jelly an old favourite for Pork cold meats and pies.Made from a crab apples collected aro..
CRANBERRIES (Essential)125g
Organic CranberriesAn evergreen native of Europe (including the British Isles), North Asia and North..
CRISPBREADS (Peter's Yard) 105g
Award-winning sourdough crispbread.Peter's Yard uses all natural, high quality organic ingredients t..
CRISPS - SALTED (Trafo) 40g
Organic Potato CrispsThese organic potato crisps are made in a traditional way by a small family bus..
CUMIN - GROUND (Essential) 25g
Essential organic Herbs and Spices contain no colourings, flavourings, preservatives or additives of..
CUMIN SEED (Essential) 25g
Essential Organic Herbs and Spices contain no colourings, flavourings, preservatives or additives of..
CURRANTS (Essential) 250g
Essential Organic Currants. Dried seedless fruit with the unique flavour of the purple Corinth grape..
CUSTARD POWDER (Just Wholefoods) 100g
Real vanilla flavoured custard powder - makes 5 pints.Can also be made using goats, sheep or soya mi..
CYDER VINEGAR (Aspall) 350ml
Organic Cyder VinegarMade by a unique trickle feed process from traditional Organic apples, this vin..
DARK CHOCOLATE 85% (Green & Black's) 100g
Filled with 85% organic cocoa solids for an intense hit of cocoa, this chocolate is balanced with ju..
DARK CHOCOLATE WITH ORANGE 65% (Equal Exchange) 100g
A delicious dark chocolate bar originating from Ecuador, certified organic with a silky and sweet fl..
This zesty combination of lemon, ginger and a dash of black pepper is sweet, citrusy and well-balanc..
DATES (Essential) 250g
Organic Pitted Dates. First grown between the Tigris & Euphrates, this amber-fruited palm is one..
DELUXE MUESLI (Essential) 500g
Organic Deluxe Muesli weighing 500gA deliciously simple, simply delicious muesli. A perfect blend of..
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