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Organic Seville Oranges weighing 500 grams.

The bitter Seville oranges unsurprisingly come from Spain!

Higher in pectin levels than their sweeter counterparts - these are the oranges you want for making marmalade - some sugar and lemon are all you need to create preserves that will last the year when the season for these oranges only lasts a few weeks!

Reasons to eat oranges:

  • Vitamin C - everyone's go to when they feel the sniffles, an orange contains 100% of you recommended daily requirements, great for immunity and making healthy connective tissues.
  • Protect against cancer - D-limonene present in oranges has been shown in research to prevent various types of cancer including that of the lung, breast and skin.
  • High glycaemic index - despite their sweet flavour, whole orange is high in fibre which means that it's sugars are absorbed slowly by the body and it doesn't cause spikes in blood sugar levels.
  • Great for vision containing not only Vitamin A but also other flavonoid antioxidants that help to keep mucus membranes healthy. 

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