Organic Groceries

ADUKI BEANS (Suma) 400g
Boiled Organic Red Aduki Beans in Water. Ideal for soups, casseroles, chillis and salads. ..
AGAR FLAKES (Clearspring) 28g
These Japanese agar flakes are traditionally made from cooked sea vegetables which are freeze-dried ..
AGAVE SYRUP (Suma) 250ml
Suma Organic Agave Syrup is extracted from the wild Agave plant, a native of Mexico. It is a fructos..
ALFALFA SEEDS (Essential) 125g
All-Organci Alfalfa Sprouting SeedsAlfalfa was one of the first cultivated crops. These seeds the ki..
Lottie Shaw's seriously good Shortbread Biscuits are baked in their Yorkshire Craft Bakery. This ..
ALMOND BUTTER (Biona) 170g
Biona Organic Almond Butter is made using carefully selected nuts, which are freshly roasted in smal..
These ground almonds are perfect for all your baking needs and a brilliant source of Vitamin E. Thes..
ALMONDS - WHOLE (Essential) 250g
Organic Whole AlmondsAlmonds are one of the most nutritious nuts you can eat and have numerous healt..
ALMONDS FLAKED (Essential) 125g
All-organic flaked almonds, great for mixing in muesli and decorating baked goods. Almonds are on..
Biona Organic AmaranthOne of the oldest cultivated plants, amaranth was part of the staple diet of t..
APPLE & MINT JELLY (Botton Village) 260g
Organic Apple & Mint JellyDelicious served with all manner of meats and cheese.Botton is home to..
APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (Higher Nature) 350ml
Apple Cider Vinegar has long been regarded in folklore as a versatile health aid. It is popular as a..
APPLE SAUCE (Bracken Hill) 280g
Made by local company Bracken Hill Fine Foods, this Apple Sauce makes the perfect accompan..
APRICOT JAM (Bracken Hill) 340g
Best quality South African Apricots give this jam a great taste used a lot for cake icing as well..
APRICOTS - DRIED (Essential) 250g
Organic Apricots Whole and Unsulphured. Organic Apricots cannot include the preservative sulphur dio..
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