What if I don't like the produce selections?

The contents of farmaround bags vary each week according to the season and we have lots of different bags to choose from. But if what you want does not appear to be available on this website, please call us and we'll do our best to meet your requirements.

What if there are certain fruits and vegetables I don't want?

That's fine. Just let us know what you don't like and we can omit up to three items from your bag, replacing them with produce that you do like.

Why can't I choose what produce goes in my bag?

Not having the cost of processing specific orders helps us to keep our prices low; and many of our customers love the surprise element of the bags, likening them to Christmas Stockings. The flexibility of determining what goes into the bags each week also benefits our farmers. A spell of very warm weather may bring a field of cauliflowers to maturity. We can use those cauliflowers in the bags that week thus enabling the farmer to harvest his produce at the optimum time and achieve a full return on his crop. If his roquette is attacked by flea beatles we can decide to use his fresh basil instead. Our system allows farmers to work with us in tune with nature.

Where does farmaround produce come from?

We are supplied by around fifteen small and medium sized producers from across Britain, together with a network of producers in continental Europe. Many of our delicious parsnips, potatoes, carrots , cauliflowers, leeks and brussel sprouts are from Newfields Farm on the North Yorkshire Moors. Our cherry tomatoes, spring onions and squash, plums, apples and Conference pears are from Kent, the garden of England. Many of our cabbages, kales and celery are from Royal Oak Farm in Ormskirk. Our lemons, winter tomatoes, peppers and aubergines come from Sicily. Our clementines and pink grapefruit from Corsica; with melons, oranges, avocados and mangos from Andalucia in Spain. Our peaches and apricots are from the Drome region of France, our winter salads, grapes and figs from Provence and our shallots and globe artichokes from Brittany. If you would like more detailed information about any of our produce, please call the office on 01748 831905 and we will be happy to advise.

Can I visit one of the organic farms that supply farmaround?

You are very welcome to visit the farms that supply us. Please call us and we will arrange it with the owners.