I set up Farmaround in 1994, London’s first organic box scheme, with a desire to promote the benefits of organic food to one’s health and the benefits of organic farming to the planet, and in particular for the protection of wildlife habitats. 

I grew up as industrial farming was taking hold. I bore witness to how it was ravaging our countryside. Hedgerows were grubbed up to create vast prairies, woodland uprooted to make way for the new massive combine harvesters. Six hundred potent and insufficiently tested EU permitted agrochemicals were being sprayed, often indiscriminately, and seeped into our streams and rivers. We were polluting our planet and destroying the fertility of our soils. On this course nothing would survive, not even ourselves. Of course, this still continues. 

With industrial farming also came the barbaric factory farming of animals. Farmaround have always been close to animal welfare charities like Compassion in World Farming supporting them as they work towards improving the lives of farm animals - seeking to ban factory farming and live animal exports. I am a patron of VEGA and have won an RSPCA Good Business Award. 

In 2007 I launched Izzy Lane, an ethical fashion label which uses the skills of the British textile industry and the wool of my 600 rare breed sheep most of which I rescued as lambs from slaughter. In 2011, I launched Good Food Nation with Liz Jones. Our dairy products and eggs are sold through Farmaround as well as through other channels. All our dairy cows have pensions from the sale of their milk and will live out their whole, natural lives as well as their calves, male and female. Our hens will also live out their full natural lives. * 

At Farmaround we have wonderful customers who share our values, some who have been with us since we began 19 years ago. I do hope you will give us the opportunity to bring Farmaround to you. 

In recent years we have begun a collaboration with The Organic Pantry that has enabled us to offer northern customers a much wider range of organic and ethical grocery products. This site is dedicated to bringing these products straight to your door.

Kind wishes, 


* Most hens including organic and free-range ones are killed at 68-72 weeks old yet they can carry on producing eggs their whole natural lives of 5-7 years. Dairy cows are killed at around 5 years old on average when their life expectancy, like a horse can be up to 20 years. Male calves are either shot at birth or raised for veal with many live transported as far as Spain.